Research Unit


The All Out Africa Research Unit focusses on conducting cutting edge field research in line with it's mission and making the findings available to managers and the public at large. To date it has produced over 30 publications in international peer reviewed journals.
In 2005 the All Out Africa Foundation established an African Savanna Research Unit and shortly thereafter a Marine Research Unit with the aim of conducting ecological research of relevance for conservation. It’s African Savanna Research Center is in Mbuluzi Game Reserve, Swaziland and it’s Marine Research Center is on Tofo beach, Mozambique. Both centers run on-going field research programs with resident staff and equipment and cater to accommodate groups of up to 16 field research students at any one time throughout the year.
African Savanna Research Projects (raptors & birds, bats, reptiles, rodents, small predators, ungulates, vegetation): 
  • Long term dynamics of vegetation, ungulates, rodents and small predators

  • Effects of habitat fragmentation on small mammals in savanna, Swaziland

  • Factors influencing the breeding of Marabou Storks in Swaziland

  • Nesting habitat selection in Swaziland’s vultures

  • Effects of habitat fragmentation on Crowned Eagles

  • Population dynamics & home range of the slit-faced bat Nycteris thebaica

  • Echolocation call library for bats of Swaziland

  • Community structure of savanna bats

  • Reptile atlas of Swaziland (Biodiversity inventories)

  • Population dynamics and home range of leopard tortoises in Swaziland


Marine Research Projects (whale sharks, manta rays, humback whales, coral reef fish, turtles, dolphins)

  • Photo-identification & monitoring of whale sharks

  • Photo-identification of manta rays

  • Monitoring of humback whales

  • Conservation ecology of turtles in southern Mozambique

  • Monitoring of indicator species of coral reef fish


Wildlife Fund

All Out Africa's being responsible for funds management and disbursement for ECORAT Swaziland contributed greatly to the success of the project as they provided a timely, seamless, hassle-free and accurate service through the 3-year course of the project.

Dr. Themb'a Mahlaba
Head of Department of Biological Sciences, Un (24/01/2011)
New Care Center Operational

Our new care center in the ezulwini community is now operational - 34 vulnerable children are attending to be fed and get basic care, education and adult guidance.

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